Soluna Ranch is a ranch in the lovely Tulalip Indian Reservation, forty miles north of Seattle, where I began raising gypsy horses and Netherlands Dwarf rabbits.  I soon fell in love with the Continental Giants after seeing Darius on the internet, the largest rabbit in the Guinness Book of World Records.  He currently resides in the UK, is four  feet long, and fifty-four pounds, — the largest rabbit ever.  I knew I just had to have one.

I started researching breeders in the states and found Jim Gerrish, who was one of the original breeders and importers here in the states.  After rigorous interviews and a wait of five months, I finally received my first breeding pair, Prince and Pouka:

continental giant rabbits










Prince and Pouka had their first litter in February of 2016, which sold quickly.  They are expecting in mid May if all goes well.

I am currently awaiting for an unrelated Chinchilla Buck to breed with Pouka’s daughter, Angel, when she is of age and will continue to add new strains to my breeding program.  Sign up to our newsletter to get updates on available litters.