How are Continental Giants different from the Flemish Giants?

Although they have Flemish in their ancestry, they differ significantly from the Flemish Giant in both size and appearance.  They are extremely friendly and people-oriented, making them great pets and even an alternative to owning a dog, as their personalities and train-ability are quite dog-like.

Are Continental Giants Recognized by the ARBA (American Rabbits Breeders Association)?

No, not at this time, although the main breeders are working on this.  They are recognized by the British Rabbit Society at this time.

How Much Do They Cost?

These rabbits range anywhere from $150 to $300.

How Much Space Do They Need?

On average, they should have at least six feet long by four feet deep enclosures.

I live out of state. How can I get a rabbit transported to me?

Rabbits are only shipped by courier or via pick-up in person.  They cannot be shipped in baggage as they stress too easily!  We do have a pilot available who can courier a rabbit or two for $100/day plus expenses.

What is the average lifespan of a Continental Giant?

Depending on the level of care and whether they are kept indoors or outdoors, their lifespan can range from five to seven years.