Your Giant needs lots of exercise as they grow so large that you should provide an outdoor space of at least six feet by four feet, unless of course they are kept indoors and you have a dedicated room.  They do litter train easily and can be taught to walk on a leash.

Feeding and Care

Fresh orchard hay is the best.  You can supplement with a good quality pelleted feed, about one cup per day.  We recommend and use Oxbow products.  When using litter, use only paper or aspen bedding, as Pine and Cedar are toxic to rabbits.


Your rabbit loves attention, so be sure and give them lots of pets and affection.  They actually like your company!  They do have very thick coats and often molt, so regular brushing of their coat is a good thing.  Their nails can be trimmed with a regular pet nail trimmer and trimming is recommended to avoid scratching injuries to yourself or others.  Keep in mind that rabbits’ backs are very weak, so young children should be taught proper handling of the rabbit.